The Need of Our Times

Humankind all across the globe is fighting a tough battle for survival today. Covid-19 virus has presented India and the world one of its biggest challenges in modern history. The government as well as non-governmental organizations, media, students, and volunteers are working against this pandemic. Their efforts should be lauded, aided and recognized.

Youth are the future of a country. They have the energy, zeal and drive to take initiative, shoulder responsibility and tear through challenges. It is the youth always who lead historic changes, revolutions, or movements. In this fight against Corona virus too, it is the youth who need to come together and become a protective shield for others.

Youth Alliance Against Corona has been formed with the objective of providing a platform to youth in the battle against this pandemic.  By being associated with this platform, youth in the age group of 15-35 can pool ideas and resources, raise concerns, flag issues, share videos and art as well as reports and lockdown diaries from wherever they are. They can make suggestions to the government and also counter malicious propaganda and dangerous rumour mongering.

Let us therefore come together to join this platform and strengthen India’s fight against Covid-19.  


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