Gratitude to Corona Champions

Sanket Shekhar

While some of the Indians are spending their time by working from home, watching their favorite web-series, enjoying Ramayana and Mahabharata at Television, cooking new dishes, appreciating clearer skies during this lockdown or social distancing period. There is also anxiety and apprehensions regarding the safety of friends and family, the further economic crisis that we will face once the current crisis gets contained.

However, one must understand that Life is more important than a livelihood. Central Government as well as state governments working tirelessly day and night to win the battle over the corona outbreak. There are also those who are shouldering the responsibility to millions of families as Corona Warriors in this war against the spread of COVID-19. Huge respect and gratitude to those doctors who have put their lives on risk working with the state fighting shoulder to shoulder to make sure that the spread does not increase. The selfless service of the cleaning staff, the humble ways adopted by Police personnel to keep people at home and other such corona heroes who are spending sleepless nights for protecting our lives.

Many people are relentlessly working day and night so that essential services reach to who are in need. The work done by media personnel to spread authentic information is also remarkable. The kind of help and service being rendered by NGOs and other volunteers from political parties also needs acknowledgment. At this juncture, all the stakeholders are working on war-footing so as to get rid of this menace.

However, there are some units that are violating the integrity of lockdown by gathering in public, unnecessarily stepping out on roads, creating panic by forwarding fake news. They must understand that this ruckus will be a disrespect to all those million corona warriors who are relentlessly working to win this battle against the coronavirus.

Where the government is putting all its efforts to get hold of the pandemic, citizens should keep in mind that only through collective efforts we'll be able to win this battle.

Sanket Shekhar

Assistant Professor, Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi

Ph.D. Scholar, FMS Delhi

Image Source, Pinterest

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