Meet the Nurses of AIIMS Raipur


AIIMS Raipur posted a video wherein two nurses, donning protective gear, are seen feeding milk to the baby through a bottle. The babies were of a mother who recently tested positive for COVID 19. As "no close relative of the woman was immediately available to take care of the kids", the nurses came forth to take care of the little ones.

Both as fierce corona warriors and gentle caregivers, these nurses are embracing multiple roles to save humanity from this Pandemic. Displaying their unwavering resolve and unassailable spirit, these women next door, like many other Indian women, are no less than the manifestation of Shakti.

We thank you profusely for taking the side of humanity. Your act of kindness has inspired us to think beyond the binaries of self and the other. It has motivated us to volunteer our services for the Nation’s fight against the Corona outbreak.

Thank you




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