The Antidote of Corona - Meet Raghav Gupta, a young doctor fighting Coronavirus from the frontline


It was the 14th of March that I received a phone call informing me that I was selected for the post of Medical Officer at an urban Primary Health Centre in Jaipur. I was overjoyed as this was what I had always been waiting for, an actual doctor's job! Entering the 25th year of life, this was a chance for me to apply all my knowledge for the betterment of mankind.

Initially, things went smooth, I was also getting accustomed with the things around, dealing with patients, learning new things, all this happened until the most unfortunate news broke, "Italian tourist's wife tests positive for coronavirus at Jaipur hospital".

To be honest, I didn't know what was coming. Until I received a letter stating that all the holidays are terminated and all the doctors including the medical staff have to report daily to their designated hospitals.

I got this feeling that the conditions were about to get worse. As I was posted at an urban PHC, I used to get several calls and messages from the control room informing me about the possible coronavirus suspects. They asked me to go on the site, check the patients for symptoms. I was not ready, no one was neither were we familiar with this virus nor with such frightful situations but what I was familiar with was the oath that I undertook as a doctor. This oath reminded me of my responsibility towards mankind. The initial scare was then converted into a privilege, an opportunity to give back to society. We all took a firm resolve to that this virus will not defeat our spirit and we shall do whatever we can to fight it till the end.

Initially going for field visits, checking suspected patients was spine chilling but when the entire nation came out in solitude on March 22 to applaud our efforts, there was a sudden splash of optimism, faith, and belief that we can defeat this virus. If we as members of medical fraternity would get afraid then what about others who' ve reposted such enormous faith on us?

It was this feeling that made me so dedicated to my job and made me per se a Doctor. Now it’s nearly been a month, I am continuously going to my hospital and doing my job. The best feeling that I experienced was when two of the corona positive patients from my PHC area had been cured and were sent home. All we want is our people to be safe. We are keeping our families and our lives at stake. Please cooperate and help us by staying at home, while we stay away from it.

I also congratulate Youth Alliance Against Corona was this brilliant initiative I certainly believe that if youth comes together, we can move mountains!



Dr. Raghav Gupta is a young Medical Officer rendering his services at a Primary Healthcare Centre in Jaipur

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